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(Walking slowly around something on the ground then stopping.)

 No, I’m not afraid of getting wet. I know it’s only a puddle. But did you ever look at a puddle? Really look inside the puddle? Sure you see your reflection. But what’s underneath? Go ahead, look deeper. What’s on the other end of a puddle? Do you have the guts to find out? Maybe it’s another world, a world that’s like ours, only backwards and upside down, and your name wouldn’t be Emily but Ylime, or Mit instead of Tim. maybe your cat would bark and your dog would climb trees and chase mice. And maybe kids would be grownups and getting Gray and going bald. And grownups would be wearing diapers and singing nursery rhymes  and riding tricycles while kids drove big cars and trucks. 

(back up a step and point to the ground.) 

Who really knows what’s on the other side of a puddle?Do you have the guts to find out?

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